Commissioning and Start-Up


Commissioning and Start-Up

A struc­tu­red com­mis­sio­ning and start-up faci­li­ta­tes a project’s smooth tran­si­ti­on from the con­struc­tion pha­se to the ope­ra­ting pha­se. Com­mis­sio­ning and start-up acti­vi­ties invol­ve a struc­tu­red review of the con­struc­ted faci­li­ty with respect to the con­trac­tual­ly sti­pu­la­ted scope of ope­ra­ti­on. Accu­ra­te plan­ning is cri­ti­cal to the suc­cess of the procedure.

As part of ILF’s inte­gra­ted impro­ve­ment sys­tem, the feed­back from the com­mis­sio­ning and start-up pha­se and from the ope­ra­ting pha­se is eva­lua­ted sys­te­ma­ti­cal­ly. The­se con­clu­si­ons are inte­gra­ted into the cor­re­spon­ding design and manage­ment processes.

ILF’s ser­vices at the start of the ope­ra­ting pha­se include: 

  • Ela­bo­ra­ti­on and coor­di­na­ti­on of com­mis­sio­ning, take­over and per­for­mance test pro­grams, and start-up procedures
  • Super­vi­si­on of com­mis­sio­ning, take­over and per­for­mance tests, and start-up
  • Super­vi­si­on and coor­di­na­ti­on of tri­al runs and take­over of the plant
  • Accep­t­ance tests and per­ti­nent certificates
  • Com­pi­la­ti­on of ope­ra­ting and main­ten­an­ce manuals
  • Staff trai­ning
  • Tech­ni­cal con­sul­tancy after start-up (e.g. with regard to ongo­ing operation)
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