Commissioning and Start-Up


Commissioning and Start-Up

A struc­tured commis­sioning and start-up facili­tates a project’s smooth transition from the construction phase to the operating phase. Commis­sioning and start-up activities involve a struc­tured review of the constructed facility with respect to the contrac­tually stipu­lated scope of operation. Accurate planning is critical to the success of the procedure.

As part of ILF’s integrated impro­vement system, the feedback from the commis­sioning and start-up phase and from the operating phase is evaluated syste­ma­ti­cally. These conclu­sions are integrated into the corre­sponding design and management processes.

ILF’s services at the start of the operating phase include: 

  • Elabo­ration and coordi­nation of commis­sioning, takeover and perfor­mance test programs, and start-up procedures
  • Super­vision of commis­sioning, takeover and perfor­mance tests, and start-up
  • Super­vision and coordi­nation of trial runs and takeover of the plant
  • Accep­tance tests and pertinent certificates
  • Compi­lation of operating and maintenance manuals
  • Staff training
  • Technical consul­tancy after start-up (e.g. with regard to ongoing operation)
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