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Diversity at ILF


Diversity and intercultural corporate relations

The ILF team is very diverse in terms of culture, language, ethnicity, age, gender and ways of thinking.

ILF sees benefit and strength in this diversity. Personal, professional and social diversity is an integral part of ILF’s corporate culture. Those who value this culture are exactly the people that ILF wants to attract and retain as employees. These are the people who will contribute to improving the quality of life around the globe and to implementing excellent solutions with clients.


Truly International

Since its beginnings over 50 years ago, ILF has managed both national and international projects. Our commitment to working internationally is also reflected in the over 40 offices located all over the world.

However, we believe that what really contributes to an international company is its workforce.

We at ILF are truly international as we have employees from over 80 nations and from all continents.


Statements From our Employees


“As a project manager supported by a team of experts, I was given the opportunity to independently carry out design works for challenging projects and this laid the foundations for my professional career with ILF.”

Kajetan M., Rum/Innsbruck

“ILF immediately gave me the opportunity to assume considerable responsibility and thanks to the support of my colleagues and my supervisor, I was able to justify their trust by delivering an exceptional performance.”

Maria D., Munich

“Already during my university studies I worked as an intern for ILF and have come to appreciate the international working environment, the nice colleagues as well as the exciting and challenging tasks. If you enjoy constant challenge and encouragement, ILF is the right place for you.”

Hubert P, Munich

“After finishing my studies I joined ILF as a project engineer and, from day one, I was allowed to assume responsibility in innovative projects. Today I represent ILF in my capacity as project manager to clients and at international expert meetings and conferences.”

Reinhard G., Rum/Innsbruck

“What has kept me here for so many years are not only the interesting professional challenges across the world, but also the special atmosphere in the office and the people who create it.”

Piotr K., Warsaw

“Working in ILF for 6 years gave me a great professional growth, experience in large international projects as a roads engineering consultant and project manager. It’s a great pleasure to work in an international team of professionals and apply a full range of normative documents and experience used in the EU, the US and other countries.”

Alexandr B., Abu Dhabi

“I’ve joined ILF as a recent master’s graduate in the field of civil engineering and there is no doubt ILF’s corporate environment, with its visionary and knowledgeable specialists, empowers to learn, grow and to develop. ILF offers a fortunate opportunity for interdisciplinary engineers to create the ultimate and optimal solutions bringing life altering and positive economic and social changes to businesses around the globe.”

Leila K., Abu Dhabi

“I am a young piping engineer who joined the ILF family recently. ILF develops a positive attitude in you, recognizes hard work and encourages you to seek solutions beyond the traditional realms. I find myself growing rapidly into an all-round professional thanks to the excellent work environment and abundant learning opportunities. I take pride in calling myself part of the ILF family.”

Uzair A., Abu Dhabi

“At ILF, I have truly come to know what an ideal work place and company should be. Open communication and true team work are welcomed, my career is planned together with my line manager, personal developmental needs are met, my ideas are considered and implemented where adequate. I am given enough challenges to keep me motivated; however, work-life balance is not compromised! Honestly, I experience dignity in service every day. Even my personal dreams are coming true.”

Joy U., Lagos

“I joined ILF straight out of university without knowing where the journey would take me, that journey has molded me into the professional I am today, running ILF’s operations in Nigeria. Over the past years, I have been privileged to work on diverse projects worldwide, each bringing its own unique challenges which the great support system within the ILF Group helped me overcome.”

Abiodun O., Lagos
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