How to Apply


How to Apply


This is an overview of the application process within ILF Consulting Engineers:

If your appli­cation meets the criteria – we will call you.
During the phone call basic infor­mation included in your CV will be verified, including your profes­sional experience and language skills. If everything goes well – a job interview in the office will be set up.

During the job interview you will meet your potential super­visor and the recruitment specialist. The interview will provide both the candidate and the hiring company with a better under­standing of each other’s goals and qualities. We will tell you what working for ILF look like, what are our expec­ta­tions but also what we can offer. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.
If this will be a job interview for a technical position – be ready to take a practical knowledge test. You may be asked to take a language test and / or a knowledge based test. We have to be sure, that you will be able to handle new challenges.

After the meeting each candidate will receive feedback – via e‑mail or a phone call.

If the outcome of the interview will be positive and you receive a job offer – we will contact you to give you all the details.

From this moment — it is all up to you!


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