Bankable Feasibility Studies


Bankable Feasibility Studies

A project is only feasible and sustainable in the long term if the technical, economic, environ­mental, social and opera­tional feasi­bility can be proven by suitable inves­ti­ga­tions. Investors and banks will only invest in projects if appro­priate solutions can be found which cover all these aspects.

A bankable feasi­bility study meets all these requi­re­ments, identifies different ways to finance a project, and defines necessary prere­qui­sites and condi­tions. It looks at the financial attrac­ti­veness of the envisaged project for banks and potential investors.

Role of ILF

ILF prepares custo­mized, feasible and sustainable solutions that meet client requi­re­ments and needs. Aspects of economic efficiency, social and environ­mental sustaina­bility and opera­tional optimiz­ation are also taken into account.

Benefits to Clients

ILF combines engineering excel­lence, as well as environ­mental and social under­standing with investment knowhow. Thus ILF creates the precon­dition for finan­ceable projects and provides clients with the basis for accurate budget planning and further investment decisions. Based on its inter­na­tional and multi­di­sci­plinary experience in different business areas, ILF evaluates the appeal of projects in terms of financing and investment. Intensive consulting services ensure that the condi­tions and requi­re­ments of potential investors and financing insti­tutes, such as commercial banks, develo­pment banks and other inter­na­tional financing insti­tu­tions, can be met.

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