Dispute Resolution


Dispute Resolution

Liability claims and other claims in the construction industry are often the result of inade­quate prepa­ration. They often arise from vague contractual terms or unclear scopes of work. The latter issue is usually solved by a step-by-step, detailed definition of the scope of work. However, a detailed discussion of the key construction contracts does often not begin until before the tendering procedure. Yet steps to avoid liability claims and other claims have to be taken already when preparing the tender documents.

Role of ILF

ILF supports clients during all phases of a project, covering the entire period from contract design, contract and claim management, to contract completion.

Benefits to Clients

Involving ILF early on will help clients to avoid unnecessary disputes and will allow them to focus on essential construction targets. Utilizing ILF’s experience in project management will enable clients to enforce their rights and to receive compen­sation for possible losses.

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