PPP Advisory Services


PPP Advisory Services

In times of tighter public budgets, alter­native models for project delivery gain wider accep­tance. In order to meet the present-day challenges posed by complex infra­st­ructure projects, more and more public insti­tu­tions cooperate with private businesses in Public–Private Partnerships (PPPs). In addition to providing access to private capital, PPPs permit the strengths and capacities of the respective partners to be used in an optimized way. These models require the respective respon­si­bi­lities and contractual obliga­tions to be thoroughly struc­tured and tasks and risks to be carefully and sensibly divided.

Role of ILF

ILF is able to draw on extensive and long-standing experience in infra­st­ructure projects. The successful imple­men­tation of various projects is the result of judicious advice on the struc­turing of Public–Private Partnerships. By combining the technical, financial, commercial, and legal expertise required with the experience as project developer or share­holder of infra­st­ructure assets, ILF paves the way to an optimized approach and solution. Depending on the overall project setup, ILF may also colla­borate closely with other external experts such as legal or financial advisors.

Benefits to Clients

ILF supports Public–Private Partnerships in defining the project organiz­ation and in equally dividing the tasks and risks among all public and private partners involved in the project. Struc­turing the project thoroughly in terms of technical and economic feasi­bility, financing, budget and schedule is key to ensuring the overall feasi­bility and the long-term success of the project.


Selection of PPP Option

Selection of PPP Option
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