Energy Storage


Energy Storage

The dyna­mic deve­lo­p­ment of rene­wa­ble ener­gy sources has led to an incre­a­sed inte­rest in all types of ener­gy sto­rage. Today a varie­ty of dif­fe­rent tech­no­lo­gies such as mecha­ni­cal, ther­mal, che­mi­cal, elec­tro­che­mi­cal and electri­cal sto­rage sys­tems are com­pe­ting with each other for short‑, medi­um and long-term ener­gy storage.

While the tech­no­lo­gy of pum­ped hydro sto­rage (PHS), with a share of 95 % in the cur­r­ent­ly avail­ab­le ener­gy sto­rage capa­ci­ty, still domi­na­tes the mar­ket, the­re is a rapid growth of pre­do­mi­nant­ly electri­cal and elec­tro­che­mi­cal tech­no­lo­gies covering dif­fe­rent sto­rage dura­ti­ons and fre­quen­ci­es of power sup­ply. Drawing on a wealth of impres­si­ve refe­ren­ces gathe­red over two deca­des, ILF is among the key play­ers on the pum­ped hydro sto­rage mar­ket. Going bey­ond the clas­si­cal PHS solu­ti­ons, ILF is invol­ved in a pilot gra­vi­ty sto­rage pro­ject deve­lo­ped by Heindl.

In recent years ILF has exten­ded its acti­vi­ties into mecha­ni­cal, che­mi­cal and elec­tro­che­mi­cal sto­rage tech­no­lo­gies, taking advan­ta­ge of its vast expe­ri­ence in hand­ling gas and com­plex power genera­ti­on app­li­ca­ti­ons. Worth men­tio­ning is an advan­ced power-to-hydro­gen faci­li­ty and several decen­tra­li­zed power sup­ply sys­tems uti­li­zing bat­te­ry sto­rage units for fre­quen­cy regu­la­ti­on, demand shif­ting and peak shaving. ILF offers a com­ple­te packa­ge of engi­nee­ring ser­vices from the ear­ly sta­ges of pro­ject app­rai­sal through the selec­tion of the opti­mal solu­ti­on, to its defi­ni­ti­on and execution. 



Fiel­ds of Expertise:

  • Pum­ped sto­rage plants
  • Power-to-gas sys­tems
  • Off-grid power sup­ply systems
  • Power-to-heat sys­tems
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