Wastewater Treatment


Wastewater Treatment

Was­te­wa­ter collec­tion and tre­at­ment are some of today’s important envi­ron­men­tal and social issu­es. It is only if poten­ti­al envi­ron­men­tal dama­ge cau­sed by the dischar­ge of water pol­lut­ants is mini­mi­zed or even pre­ven­ted that we stand a chan­ce of pro­tec­ting the envi­ron­ment and its vital natu­ral water resour­ces. It beco­mes incre­a­singly important to under­stand was­te­wa­ter as a pre­cious resour­ce, to reu­se trea­ted efflu­ent for land­s­ca­ping, agri­cul­tu­re, and indus­try, to reco­ver car­bon, nut­ri­ents, etc. and to pro­du­ce ener­gy from resi­du­al solid matter.

Deve­lo­ping tailo­red tre­at­ment solu­ti­ons for dif­fe­rent eco­no­mic, envi­ron­men­tal and ope­ra­tio­nal bounda­ry con­di­ti­ons is ILF’s top prio­ri­ty, from harn­essing natu­ral tre­at­ment sys­tems to employ­ing cut­ting-edge pro­cess technologies.

As an engi­nee­ring com­pa­ny and lea­ding expert in designing com­plex was­te­wa­ter infra­st­ruc­tu­re pro­jects throughout the world for over 40 years, ILF has the pro­fes­sio­nal com­pe­tence to part­ner with its cli­ents to sup­port them in every step towards achie­ving their ambi­ti­ons goals.


Fiel­ds of Expertise:

  • Inlet works and lif­ting stations
  • Pre-Tre­at­ment – scree­ning, grit and oil removal
  • Pri­ma­ry Tre­at­ment – pri­ma­ry sett­le­ment and filtration
  • Secon­da­ry Tre­at­ment – car­bon and nut­ri­ent remo­val – CAS, SBR, MBR, MBBR, IFAS pro­ces­ses, etc.
  • Ter­tia­ry Tre­at­ment – phy­si­cal and che­mi­cal processes
  • Dis­in­fec­tion – UV, chlorination
  • Sludge Tre­at­ment – dewa­te­ring, dry­ing, inci­nera­ti­on, aero­bic sta­bi­liz­a­ti­on, anae­ro­bic diges­ti­on with co-genera­ti­on of energy
  • Trea­ted sewa­ge efflu­ent reuse
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