Project Management


Project Management System

In its effort to stri­ve for engi­nee­ring excel­lence, ILF deve­lo­ped its own pro­ject manage­ment sys­tem for PMC ser­vices for invest­ment pro­jects (PMS-PMC). The PMS-PMC is a sys­te­ma­tic approach to pro­ject manage­ment and is based on indus­try best prac­ti­ces. It is app­lied to lar­ge-sca­le invest­ment pro­jects any­ti­me cli­ents do not man­da­te the app­li­ca­ti­on of their own manage­ment system.

The PMS-PMC can be tailo­red to the needs of ILF’s cli­ents, and it crea­tes the basis for suc­cess­ful pro­ject exe­cu­ti­on. It is based on the manage­ment frame­work publis­hed by the Pro­ject Manage­ment Insti­tu­te (PMI) and allows for future adap­t­ati­on as requi­re­ments change.

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PMS-PMC Brochure (EN)

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