BIM (Building Information Modeling)


BIM (Building Information Modeling)

ILF builds on its long-standing experience with integrated plant design to further utilise 3D modeling technology for the design, analysis, simulation, and delivery of infrastructure projects.

Advanced design processes and expert engineers using the right technology empower ILF to deliver infrastructure projects using BIM processes and in turn higher quality engineering services.

ILF provides BIM services at all stages of the design process:

3D Modeling

  • Intelligent and parametric 3D models
  • Engineering analysis performed on models
  • Coordination between construction documents
  • Spatial coordination between disciplines
  • Effective conflict/clash resolution prior to construction
  • 2D documentation derived from 3D model(s)

4D / 5D Integration of Time and Cost

Utilising 3D models and project schedules to solve construction issues, improve coordination, and ensure on-time delivery.

  • Schedule extraction from the model
  • Quantity take-off for cost estimating
  • Model and project time frame for construction sequencing simulation
  • Conflict detection during sequencing simulation

Further Services

  • Convert existing buildings/structures from 2D drawings or laser scans/point clouds to an intelligent 3D model
  • Assist clients in defining project BIM requirements
  • Define processes, data structures, delivery formats, etc. based on client requirements during planning, construction and operation phases
  • Provide BIM coordinator services for clients, i.e. act as information manager for clients to ensure BIM deliverables are met
  • Develop tools for automating model related tasks through visual scripting for model adaptation including information input and output
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