Whistleblowing Contact


Whistleblowing Contact

The manage­ment of all ILF Group com­pa­nies are awa­re of the gre­at respon­si­bi­li­ty of their actions in respect of their employees, cli­ents and socie­ty as a who­le, and the­re­fo­re always act in accordance with the app­li­ca­ble laws and stan­dards. In addi­ti­on to this, ILF ensu­res that its busi­ness ethics ful­fil the expec­ta­ti­ons of both socie­ty and pro­fes­sio­nal associations.

The ILF Group’s Com­pli­an­ce Manage­ment Sys­tem inclu­des a struc­tu­red whist­leb­lowing sys­tem, which enab­les ILF’s employees, busi­ness part­ners and other exter­nal par­ties to report any expe­ri­en­ced irre­gu­la­ri­ties or iden­ti­fied misconduct.

Whist­leb­lowing dis­clo­sures may be made by con­ta­c­ting compliance@ilf.com.

As ILF is ful­ly com­mit­ted to pro­tec­ting the pri­va­cy of any such infor­ma­ti­on and to pre­ser­ving the anony­mi­ty of whist­leb­lo­wers, whist­leb­lower dis­clo­sures, as well as the iden­ti­ty of whist­leb­lo­wers, will be trea­ted as strict­ly con­fi­den­ti­al in com­ple­te con­for­mi­ty with the EU’s 2019/1937 Whist­leb­lowing Directive.

The com­pa­nies of the ILF Group will not per­mit any mea­su­res to be taken against per­sons who have rai­sed a con­cern or repor­ted an inci­dent through this whist­leb­lowing system.

Plea­se use the inci­dent whist­leb­lowing sys­tem respon­si­b­ly. Only sub­mit infor­ma­ti­on you belie­ve to be cor­rect to the best of your know­ledge. Fal­se accu­sa­ti­ons may not be made against others, and deli­ber­ate­ly fal­se infor­ma­ti­on may not be reported.

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