Whistleblowing Contact


Whistleblowing Contact

The management of all ILF Group companies are aware of the great respon­si­bility of their actions in respect of their employees, clients and society as a whole, and therefore always act in accordance with the appli­cable laws and standards. In addition to this, ILF ensures that its business ethics fulfil the expec­ta­tions of both society and profes­sional associations.

The ILF Group’s Compliance Management System includes a struc­tured whist­leb­lowing system, which enables ILF’s employees, business partners and other external parties to report any experi­enced irregu­la­rities or identified misconduct.

Whist­leb­lowing disclo­sures may be made by conta­cting compliance@ilf.com.

As ILF is fully committed to protecting the privacy of any such infor­mation and to preserving the anonymity of whist­leb­lowers, whist­leb­lower disclo­sures, as well as the identity of whist­leb­lowers, will be treated as strictly confi­dential in complete conformity with the EU’s 2019/1937 Whist­leb­lowing Directive.

The companies of the ILF Group will not permit any measures to be taken against persons who have raised a concern or reported an incident through this whist­leb­lowing system.

Please use the incident whist­leb­lowing system respon­sibly. Only submit infor­mation you believe to be correct to the best of your knowledge. False accusa­tions may not be made against others, and deliber­ately false infor­mation may not be reported.

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