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ILF wants to offer much more than just “talent management”. You should be able to grow, both profes­sio­nally and perso­nally, and make full use of your potential. That is why ILF attaches great impor­tance to talent develo­pment: through indivi­dually tailored and practice-oriented develo­pment programs, ILF nurtures your personal strengths and profes­sional talents.



Professional, personal and intercultural Development

No matter which role you take on at ILF and what experience you already have, you will immediately become part of the team and assume respon­si­bility. You will be supported by experi­enced colleagues, who will assist you from the very beginning.

ILF offers you the oppor­tunity to prove yourself in a wide range of challenging projects and in a variety of regions around the world. A diverse choice of internal and external training courses as well as group-wide staff develo­pment processes support you in your advan­cement. In addition to furthering your profes­sional and entre­pre­neurial know-how, ILF also boosts your personal and inter­cul­tural competence.

In addition, ILF supports (your) voluntary engagement through coope­ration with Engineers without Borders.

New ideas and innovative solutions

ILF recognizes your innovative way of thinking and acting as an important contri­bution to conti­nuous perfor­mance optimiz­ation and solution-oriented project work.

Whether you publish scien­tific papers, develop complex compu­ta­tional software or realize design visions, ILF counts on your ingenuity and creativity, and rewards outstanding ideas and projects with ILF Excel­lence Awards.

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For job applications and job-related questions, please contact or the HR partner named within the job descriptions listed here:

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Your career at ILF

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