SuedLink 2.0 project recognized with awards


Last year, the transmission system operators TenneT TSO GmbH and TransnetBW GmbH awarded ILF Consulting Engineers and its partners with a contract for the permit application design of the north-south power lines across Germany that are to laid underground. At present, SuedLink is the largest infrastructure project in Germany and is scheduled to enter into operation in 2025. As the competent approval authority, the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) currently holds a number of scoping conferences.

The communication and participation process entails intensive dialogue with the general public. The project team consisting of clients and ILF with partners won the “SABRE Award” (London) in the “Community Relations” category and the “European Excellence Award in Public Affairs” (Brussels).

What is more, the online participation tool (Web-GIS) set up and managed by ILF won the “German Award for Online Communication” in the “Public Affairs” category.


ILF is awarded a contract for Phase 2.2 of the NOxER 2 project


On account of the age of the existing gas turbines and in response to the newly adopted Emission Control Act (EG-K 2013) Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH (TAG) decided to replace the respective compressor units step by step. The NOxER 2 project comprises the Baumgarten, Eggendorf, Grafendorf and Ruden compressor stations.

ILF Consulting Engineers Austria GmbH was already involved in the design during previous project phases. As a result of the long and good working relationship in the past, ILF has now been awarded a contract as a subcontractor of Saipem for the execution phase. ILF will render design services for procurement support and detailed design (civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and automation engineering) and construction supervision services for the Baumgarten, Eggendorf, Grafendorf, and Ruden compressor stations. For the Ruden station the services furthermore include basic engineering and authority engineering.

The ILF image film: eagerly awaited for, and now available


Now that most of you have seen the film for the first time on the occasion of the various celebrations marking ILF’s 50th anniversary, we are pleased to inform you that it is now available for download from the following link.


Breakthrough at Belchen Rehabilitation Tunnel


On June 21, 2017 the TBM breakthrough of the 3.2 km long Belchen rehabilitation tunnel (Switzerland) was celebrated after 16 months of excavation. The rehabilitation tunnel will serve as a third tube in addition to the existing Belchen motorway tunnel on the N2 between the Härkingen motorway junction and the city of Basel.

ILF Consulting Engineers was commissioned to provide the design (tender design to detailed design) and site supervision services for the tunnel.Following the completion of the rehabilitation tunnel, the refurbishment of the existing tunnel tubes is now scheduled to get underway. On June 22, 2017 ILF and its partners were awarded the design contract (conceptual study to permit application design).

Link to a short film on the breakthrough:


ILF at the huge Crankworx Innsbruck Mountain Bike Festival


The huge Crankworx mountain bike festival will take place in and around Innsbruck from June 21 to June 25, 2017. On several spectacular trails, the world’s best riders will battle for the prestigious trophies of what is known as the world’s biggest mountain bike event.

ILF Consulting Engineers was responsible for the permit application design of all bike trails which was successfully approved by the authorities.

You can see the result of ILF’s design services and of course watch the impressive competitions at the Valley Station of the Muttereralmbahn cable car in the village of Mutters. Please find a little teaser by clicking the link below:


Breakthrough of Second Tube of Perjen Tunnel


On 24.05.2017 a final blast marked the event to celebrate the top heading breakthrough of the second tube of the 3-km-long Perjen Tunnel on the S16 Arlberg Expressway between Landeck and Zams (Austria). Only three weeks later, the breakthrough of the bench occurred on 14.06.2017.

As soon as the new second tube of the Perjen Tunnel will be completed in 2018, traffic will be transferred from the existing tube to the new tube. Starting in 2019, the existing tunnel will be closed for rehabilitation after 33 years in service and will be opened to traffic again at the end of the same year.

After rendering the overall design for the first tube, ILF has been awarded a contract by ASFINAG in February 2016, entrusting ILF with carrying out the geological documentation of the second tube.


Water supply & wastewater in Kirgizstan


ILF Consulting Engineers (together with partners) will be responsible for repairing and expanding water supply and wastewater disposal infrastructure in Kara-Suu and Kyzyl-Kiya on behalf of the respective city administrations. On the one hand, the project is aimed at increasing the quality of life of the people living in the two Kirgiz cities and, on the other hand, at strengthening the cities’ water supply and wastewater disposal companies.

The contracts are financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and include design services, preparation of tender documents, support during procurement procedures, management of contracts incl. site supervision and institutional strengthening.

ILF travels around the world six times


Environmental protection plays an important role at ILF – not only when planning and implementing projects in areas such as renewable energy – but also in everyday life. Hence, ILF puts a strong focus on choosing public transport when going on business trips.

René Zumtobel (Austrian Federal Railways, ÖBB, Regional Manager responsible for passenger traffic in the Tyrol) handed over an environmental certificate to Bruno Mattle (Managing Director ILF-AUT) in May 2017. He thanked Mr. Mattle that ILF employees had made such intensive use of  rail transport in 2016: “I want to thank ILF Consulting Engineers for supporting public transport in such a way.” ILF employees travelled by rail over a total length of 230,000 km – this is equivalent to six times the length of the equator. By doing so, ILF employees saved 37 tons of CO2. The Green Points that ILF collected help to support the ÖBB project “Wir pflanzen uns einen Wald“ (Let’s plant a forest).

Legend f.l.t.r.: B. Mattle (Managing Director ILF), R. Zumtobel (Austrian Federal Railways, ÖBB, Regional Manager responsible for passenger traffic in the Tyrol), © ÖBB_Rieder


ILF at the Pipeline Technology Conference 2017


ILF Consulting Engineers will take part in the “12th Pipeline Technology Conference” held in Berlin from 2 to 4 May, 2017.

Our experts will present our technical expertise in leak detection (Maria Pimentel) and bankability of large scale pipeline studies (Dr. Stefan Bürkle) and will chair the “Automation” session (Tobias Walk).
You are most welcome to visit us at stand 40 in exhibition hall 1 (Estrel Convention Center, Berlin, Germany) to learn about our competence and experience in the field of pipeline engineering. We are looking forward to your visit and to interesting questions and discussions.

For further information, please visit the website at


ILF is working for the Monaco Gas Pipeline


The German gas grid operator bayernets GmbH starts with the realization of an 86.5 km long high-pressure gas pipeline including its associated facilities. The pipeline with a maximum nominal width of DN 1200 and a nominal pressure of MOP 100 will be routed from Burghausen to Finsing (MONACO project) to expand the company’s supra-regional gas transmission network.

Bayernets GmbH has awarded ILF Consulting Engineers with a contract to perform technical and ecological supervision services, claim management, safety and health coordination services and supervision of commissioning.

ILF at the Interalpin 2017


ILF will take part in the “International Trade Fair for Alpine Technologies” (Interalpin) held in Innsbruck from April 26 to 28, 2017.

You are most welcome to visit us at stand A04 in exhibition hall A (hall 1, Innsbruck Exhibition Centre – Austria) to learn about our competence and experience. Come and discuss with us how we can support your projects in the field of ski resort planning, village planning and snow making systems. We are looking forward to your visit and to interesting questions and discussions.
For further information, please visit the website at


Start-up contest and event for the construction and real estate industry


The world is changing, but does it also change me? This is a question the players in the construction and real estate industry may have been asking themselves for too long. Among the countless changes that once took decades and now happen in only a few years, digitization is presumably one of the biggest and thus one of the most challenging changes of our time. When comparing the construction and real estate industry with other sectors such as financial services, retail and/or wholesale, there is still room for further gains as regards digitization.

In addition to numerous internal innovation processes in the context of digitization that are currently underway, ILF, jointly with other renowned companies, actively shapes the drive towards digitization in the engineering sector.

Together with its cooperation partners ATP Planungs- und Beteiligungs AG, Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H., ENGIE Austria GmbH, Kommunalkredit Austria AG, PORR AG, Siemens AG Österreich, AIS Energy Advisors AG and Wien Energie GmbH, ILF is pursuing and sponsoring the development and implementation of a start-up contest and event for the construction and real estate industry.

The cooperation is founded on the common understanding of the partners that the rapidly advancing digitization seen in many sectors and business processes will also bring about comprehensive change in the construction and real estate industry.

The development of a “digital twin”, that is the digital representation of structures across all life cycle phases (development, planning and design, construction and operation), will play a decisive role in this process.

Besides the impulse of the initiative that aims at advancing digitization in the construction and real estate industry, the project enables ILF to tap into the digital know-how of start-ups and to push ahead in the world of digitization.

For more information about the contest, please visit:


ILF reduces CO2 emissions with hydrogen-powered car


A few days ago, ILF purchased a hydrogen-powered car from Hyundai Austria on the occasion of the official opening of the Green Energy Center in Innsbruck, Austria. The hydrogen that is available at service stations is converted into electric energy by means of a fuel cell without generating any CO2 emissions. The electrical energy is buffered in an accumulator and practically powers the car noiselessly.

With this move, ILF is taking active measures to reduce CO2 emissions and is committing itself to sustainable mobility. Additionally, practical experience will be gathered with a promising technology.

Legend f.l.t.r.: Komm. Rat Michael Heilmann (Direktor Fleet Hyundai), Franz Hörl (Obmann Tiroler Wirtschaftsbund), MMag. Peter-Patrick Baumgartner (Regional Director, ILF Group), Dipl-Ing. Klaus Lässer (CEO ILF Group ), und Dr. Ernst Fleischhacker (CEO fen-systems)

Uebergabe Wasserstoffauto PK 16Feb2017_group

Monitoring of hydropower projects in Laos


ILF Consulting Engineers signed a contract with the Department of Energy Business (DEB) from the Ministry of Energy and Mines of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

ILF will monitor the construction works of Nam Ou 1, Nam Ou 3, Nam Ou 4 and Nam Ou 7 hydropower plants in Laos with a total installed capacity of 732 MW. Nam Ou is with its 448 km one of the most important tributaries of the Mekong River and flows from Phongsaly Province to Luang Prabang Province. The Nam Ou Hydroelectric Projects are being developed by the Sinohydro Corporation and the Government of Laos.

Legend f.l.t.r.: Mr. Daophet (DEB), A. KLUMP (ILF), Dr. M. BEISLER (ILF), S. KEOVICHIT (DEB), Dr. A. VONGSAY (DEB), R. REZAEEHA (ILF), Dr. S. PHRAKONKHAM (AA), Prof. Dr. H. KLAPPERICH (TU Freiberg)

Nam Ou Contract signing

50 years of ILF – welcome to our new website


In 2017, ILF Consulting Engineers celebrates its 50th anniversary. Although it may not always be obvious, the services provided by ILF have a significant impact on the quality of people’s lives. Whether it is the supply of drinking water or electrical energy, the provision of transport and other infrastructure systems or the supply of oil and gas – ILF’s project managers and engineers take care of all of this – and a lot more. ILF is passionate about contributing to a better quality of life around the globe and has been pursuing this philosophy for more than 50 years.

ILF would like to thank all clients, partners and of course also its employees for placing their trust in our company. Throughout the year, ILF will keep you informed about the latest news and developments. A first step is our new website. We are delighted to welcome you to:

ILF signs contract for TAPI gas pipeline project


ILF Consulting Engineers signed a contract with TAPI Pipeline Company Limited to develop Front End Engineering and Design and to provide project management and technical supervision services for the Afghanistan–Pakistan section of the Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India (TAPI) natural gas pipeline.

TAPI aims to export up to 33 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year from the Galkynysh field in Turkmenistan through the 1,814 km long pipeline.

The Afghanistan–Pakistan section has a length of 1,600 km and includes several compressor and metering stations.

ILF is awarded a contract for the operation and safety equipment of five additional tunnels on the A44 motorway, Germany


The A44 motorway, a few sections of which are still to be completed, links the German-Belgian border with the city of Kassel. The design works for the extension to Herleshausen are currently underway. Having been entrusted with the design of the Hirschhagen Tunnel by Hessen Mobil in 2015, ILF has now also been commissioned by Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßenplanungs- und -bau GmbH (DEGES) to design five additional tunnels (Boyneburg, Holstein, Bubenrad, Dachsloch and Alberberg). DEGES is responsible for the design and construction of the AS Waldkappel/Wommener Dreieck section of the A44 motorway on behalf of the federal government/the state of Hesse.

The operation and safety equipment for all five tunnels will be designed in compliance with the current provisions of the RABT (German guidelines for equipping and operating road tunnels). The Boyneburg and the Holstein Tunnels, with a length of 1.7 km each, will be equipped with a longitudinal ventilation system. All five tunnels comprise two tubes to accommodate one-way traffic.

ILF works for CERN


ILF Consulting Engineers was awarded a contract for the preparation of a cost and schedule study for the realisation of a large particle accelerator (Future Circular Collider, (FCC)) by the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN).
The FCC will be an approx. 100 km long circular tunnel system with numerous access shafts from above ground, caverns and cross passages. The particle accelerator shall make hadrons (e.g. protons) collide at an energy of 100 TeV (tera-electron volt), for CERN to find new particles created in this process.

ILF to provide design services for Mittlerer Ring Road in Munich


The engineering association Schlüssler-Plan and ILF Consulting Engineers was awarded a contract by the city of Munich for the civil and structural engineering works as part of the modernisation of the Mittlerer Ring road (B2R) – Landshuter Allee (LAT) section, from the northern ramp of Donnersbergerbrücke to the northern Dachauer Straße. Landshuter Allee is one of the busiest roads in Europe (ADT > 100,000 vehicles)

The project comprises the new construction of an approx. 1.5 km long road tunnel. Besides demolishing and modifying the existing engineering structures, it will be necessary to relocate and demolish the existing combined sewers with diameters of more than 3.0 m as well as the connection sewers incl. the necessary sewers in the new section. To maintain traffic throughout the construction period, a temporary traffic routing is needed at Landshuter Allee and a final traffic routing above ground as well as in the new road tunnel.

ILF Consulting Engineers participates in Captive Power Solutions Workshop in Lagos


ILF Consulting Engineers will attend the Captive Power Solutions Workshop in Lagos (Nigeria) on 17 November 2016, with Vincent Owakah being one of the moderators guiding through the event.

For more information, please click .