ILF ranked nº 6 among Top International Design Firm for Pipelines


In 2018 the ENR Global Sourcebook published its 77th ranking for top inter­na­tional design firms. Once more, ILF Consulting Engineers was able to secure its position as a top inter­na­tional design firm for pipelines, being ranked 6th and thus improving on its 10th position from the 2016 ranking.

Pipeline projects have played an important role in the ILF Group ever since its founding in 1967. ILF’s first project was the Transalpine Pipeline (TAL), a one-of-a-kind project which, due to its crossing the Alps, was probably the most difficult pipeline project in the world at that time.
For more than 50 years, ILF Consulting Engineers has continued to establish itself as a trusted consultant and global player for the designing and engineering of demanding and challenging major pipeline projects. Having sometimes had to break new ground in order to find the optimum solution, ILF has provided its clients with indivi­dua­lized solutions, from planning to decom­mis­sioning. Whether in extreme mountain terrains, under challenging weather condi­tions, or over long distances, ILF has designed some of the largest pipeline systems in the world.

Amongst many others, ILF was involved in the Abu Dhabi Crude Oil Pipeline Project (ADCOP), the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline Project (TAP), the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP), Trans-Asia Gas Pipeline (TAGP), the Turkme­nistan-Afgha­nistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) pipeline and the Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline.

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ILF at the Pipeline Technology Conference 2019


ILF Consulting Engineers is pleased to announce its parti­ci­pation, as a Gold sponsor, in the 14th Pipeline Technology Confe­rence (PTC) taking place in Berlin from March 19th to March 21th 2019.

During this year’s PTC, our experts will demons­trate their technical expertise. Tobias Baier will be presenting on the topic of Project Risk Management, and Chuan Cheng on the thermal inter­action between adjacent, buried crude oil pipelines.

You are most welcome to visit us at stand 48 (Estrel Convention Center, Berlin, Germany) to find out more about our compe­tences and experience in the field of pipeline engineering.

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TANAP pipes

ILF’s clients amongst the best in the world


In a recent ski resort test carried out by Snow-Online, the 10 best ski resorts in the world for the 2018/2019 season have been chosen. Amongst them are four of our clients:

  • Serfaus Fiss Ladis
  • Ski Arlberg
  • Sölden
  • Saalbach Hinter­glemm Leogang Fieberbrunn


ILF Consulting Engineers would hereby like to congra­tulate our clients on this great success and looks forward to working with you in the future!

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World-Scale Gas Separation Unit & Pipeline in Kazakhstan


Germany/Kazakhstan, February 2019 – KLPE, an affiliate of the United Chemical Company (UCC), initiated Kazakhstan’s first world-scale GSU project, which, with its total capacity of 1,250 ktpa, is to supply feedstock to the polyethylene plant in the Atyrau Region. The project is being executed as part of a Joint Develo­pment Agreement between the UCC and Borealis. ILF Consulting Engineers (ILF) is delighted to have been commis­sioned to carry out the Project Management Consul­tancy (PMC) services, including the super­vision of a Detailed Feasi­bility Study (DFS), which will support KLPE in the delivery of this strate­gi­cally important project.

“These strategic UCC initia­tives pave the way for the Republic of Kazakhstan’s estab­lishment as a global player in the polyolefin market. By utilizing advanced techno­logies, engaging world-leading contractors and suppliers, and targeting high levels of safety, relia­bility and opera­bility, we aim to ensure the maximum return on capital invest­ments” says Maksim Sonin, UCC Project Portfolio Managing Director, and Board Member.

“ILF is proud to support KLPE in this profes­sio­nally-led and rapidly-progressing project. With the team’s ability to integrate ILF’s Western style of project management and Kazakh engineering requi­re­ments with local, state-owned project execution processes, as well as the expertise offered by the team, I am highly confident that the DFS phase will create the maximum value for UCC and its partner, whilst supporting their strategy of sustaining Kazakhstan’s develo­pment in the polyolefin market” adds ILF Project Manager and Upstream Area Manager Helge Hoeft.
The heart of the project is the NGL recovery facility, located close to the Tengiz oil field, with a maximum feed gas capacity of over 7 billion Sm3/a for recovering ethane and heavier components as feedstock for the polyethylene project. In addition, a feed gas pipeline from TCO’s facilities, an appro­xi­mately 180 km long C2+ export pipeline to the polyethylene plant, and a redelivery gas pipeline to the GEEP pipeline, are within the project scope.


ILF at the 3rd Hydropower Caspian and Central Asia 2019


ILF Consulting Engineers will be repre­sented at the 3rd Annual Inter­na­tional Congress and Exhibition: Hydro­power Caspian and Central Asia 2019, organized by Vostock­ca­pital, in the Biltmore Hotel from February 20 to 21, 2019. High-level parti­ci­pants will discuss key topics and set the course for hydro­power construction and operation in the Caspian and Central Asian region.

We look forward to meeting you at our stand, number 10. For questions prior to the event, please contact For further infor­mation, please visit the website at


Creating New Horizons Together


“Contri­buting to improving quality of life around the world” is a motto that not only fits with ILF’s vision, but certainly also applies to the association Engineers without Borders Austria (IOG – Verein Ingenieure ohne Grenzen Austria). For more than a year now, the two insti­tu­tions have been success­fully colla­bo­rating with each other, most notably on the Tyrolean regional group’s “EduZapa” project.

As part of this project, the Tyrolean regional group, which includes some ILF employees, has been improving educa­tional oppor­tu­nities for school pupils in rural Mexico, since 2016. To ensure that the 3rd project imple­men­tation phase was carried out at a high technical level, the planning of the drainage and roof truss was examined by experts from ILF. Several workshops on the topic “Internal Processes” were also held by ILF.

Both ILF and the Tyrolean regional group value the fruitful coope­ration with each other, and look forward to continued colla­bo­ration during the 4th project imple­men­tation phase planned for this year.


ILF rushes into Australia’s hydropower market


At the end of last year, ILF Consulting Engineers was commis­sioned by EnergyAus­tralia as provider for independent verifier services for the pumped hydro project using seawater at Cultana in South Australia.

The facility would be capable of producing 225 megawatts (MW) of electricity with around eight hours of storage. That’s the equivalent of installing 126,000 home battery storage systems, but at a third of the cost. Pumped hydro works by using two bodies or reser­voirs of water, one at a high elevation, at the top of a hill, and another at a lower elevation, at the bottom. The Cultana project will also include two penstocks, a power­house containing two rever­sible Francis turbines, a tailrace structure and a seawater intake/outfall structure as well as a connection to an existing 275 kV trans­mission line and balance of plant systems. The water to fill the reser­voirs will be sourced from the Spencer Gulf. This water will pass through a pre-treatment filter and then be desali­nated via a reverse osmosis process.

It’s poten­tially a great, cost-effective way of integrating renewable power and ensuring energy is reliable and affordable.


ILF wins the overall design services competition for IST Austria


Together with DIN A4 Archi­tektur, ILF Consulting Engineers won the overall design services compe­tition for the “IST Austria Labor­ge­bäude für Life Science und Seminar­zentrum” in Kloster­neuburg (Lower Austria), achieving 1st place against tough competitors.

The new laboratory building and seminar center shall have a total usable floor area of appro­xi­mately 13,300 m², and shall be a concrete structure. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2020, with completion planned for 2022.

Within the joint venture, ILF has been entrusted with the project management services, the struc­tural design, the HVAC planning, as well as occup­a­tional health and safety management during the project prepa­ration phase in compliance with the Austrian BauKG (Construction Works Coordi­nation Act).


Seasonal greetings and best wishes for 2019!


Besides diverse challenges that we faced, the year 2018 that is drawing to a close also brought us many encou­raging develo­p­ments. All in all, a sense of great satis­faction and gratitude prevails regarding what we have achieved together.

Our sincere thanks go to our esteemed clients and business partners for their constructive cooperation.

Wishing you a peaceful holiday season and a healthy and prosperous 2019!


Electrifying Georgia


In September 2018, the Austrian Georgian Develo­pment LLC commis­sioned ILF Consulting Engineers to carry out the construction super­vision services for the Lakhami 1 and Lakhami 2 hydro­power plants.

The project comprises the hydro­power develo­pment of the Lakhami River, which has its source at over 3,000 m a.s.l. and origi­nates from the eastern slope of the Kodori Ridge, before it enters the Nenskra River. The Lakhami Upper and Lower hydro­power plants are planned on the Lakhami River, north of the Town of Khaisi, in the Svaneti Region in Georgia, at the foot of the Greater Caucasus mountain range.

The Lakhami 1 hydro­power plant will have a design capacity of 6.4 MW and the Lakhami 2 hydro­power plant a design capacity of 9.5 MW. They will be imple­mented as a cascade. Both plants are designed as diversion hydro­power schemes with buried pipe waterways.


ILF works on one of the world’s largest water transmission system


In September 2018 ILF Consulting Engineers was awarded the contract for the detailed design services for the Jubail-Riyadh Water Trans­mission System.

The 412 km long twin pipeline, with two 88” pipes, will be one of the largest water trans­mission systems worldwide, and will transport 1.2 million m³ of potable water per day. The project includes one pumping station in Jubail, two inter­me­diate pumping stations along the route, and two tank farms each with a storage capacity of 1.2 million m³.

For the imple­men­tation of the project, the Owner SWCC chose the EPC Contractors LIMAK (station construction) and RTCC (pipeline construction). Both contractors have commis­sioned ILF for the design works. ILF’s scope covers design services for all disci­plines including site support during commissioning.


Another highlight for ILF at the Gotthard Road Tunnel


Just recently, ILF Consulting Engineers was awarded a contract for the design of the second tunnel tube of the Gotthard road tunnel in a consortium with three other engineering firms.

Having a length of 17 km, the Gotthard road tunnel is the fourth longest road tunnel in the world and the longest road tunnel in the Alps. In addition to several cross connec­tions to the existing tunnel and under­ground venti­lation stations, the project also comprises two 5‑km-long access tunnels and associated external facilities.

The design will start in November with the prepa­ration of the detailed design. This will be followed by the prepa­ration of tender documents and the challenging construction design through to commis­sioning. ILF is looking forward to applying its wide-ranging experience from the Gotthard Base Tunnel project and other road tunnels to this project.


ILF wins contract for Deutsche Bahn pilot project


In late October 2018 ILF Consulting Engineers won a contract, in an engineering consortium with three other German engineering offices, for the general design works incor­po­rating the renewal and rehabi­li­tation of the approx. 56 km long railway line from Flieden to Gemünden (Hesse/Bavaria) of DB Netz AG.

The project is consi­dered a pilot project as essential parts of the renewal and rehabi­li­tation of the line that was put into operation in 1868 have to be carried out in the course of a complete closure of the route section and within a period of one year.

The key element of the measure is the complete renewal of five tunnel struc­tures on this route, with ILF being respon­sible for a signi­ficant part of the tunnel design services.


ILF at the 23rd International Conference “Oil and Gas of Turkmeni


ILF Consulting Engineers is pleased to announce its parti­ci­pation, as an official sponsor, in the 23rd Inter­na­tional Confe­rence “Oil and Gas of Turkme­nistan 2018” (OGT) taking place in Ashgabat, Turkme­nistan, from November 20 to November 21, 2018.

As part of this year’s confe­rence, our experts will present their technical expertise in the field of associated gas usage, during session 1 on day 2 (Mr. Michael Napel), as well as their expertise in pipelines and project management, during the discussion session on the TAPI pipeline project on day 2 (Dr. Stefan Buerkle).

Feel free to visit us or schedule a meeting to learn about our compe­tencies and experience with oil and gas projects. Let us know how we can help you tackle your challenges (!

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ILF donates to Laos Flood Victims


Following the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy dam collapse in the Attapeu province in southern Laos, on 23 July, 2018, a tidal wave of mud and water not only destroyed many villages and fields, but also took 66 lives.
Some 100 people are still missing and around 6,500 people have lost their homes.

Since ILF has been involved in the successful imple­men­tation of hydro­power plants in the country for around three years, the company has made a donation of 5,000 USD to the flood victims to aid them in the resto­ration of their livelihoods.


ILF at the 9th Arab-German Energy Forum


ILF Consulting Engineers is pleased to announce its parti­ci­pation, as an official sponsor, in the “9th Arab-German Energy Forum”, taking place in Cairo from October 24 to October 25, 2018.

As part of the Oil & Gas Panel 4 at this year’s congress, our experts will present their technical expertise in project organiz­ation, during the presen­tation “Oil & Gas – Coope­ration Perspec­tives and Egypt’s Trans­for­mation into a Regional Hub for Trading” (Joel Toé).

Feel free to visit us or to schedule a meeting to learn about our compe­tencies and experience with oil and gas projects.

Let us know how we can help you tackle your challenges (!

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First Francis turbine in a crude oil pipeline put into operation


On September 21, 2018 the Transalpine Oil Pipeline (TAL) officially put the world’s first recovery station that uses a Francis turbine into operation.

The Taimeralm energy recovery station is located in the munici­pality of Mittersill (Salzburg) at an altitude of around 1,335 m above the sea. The Transalpine Pipeline carries crude oil from Trieste to Ingol­stadt via the Alps. This innovative and worldwide unique station allows the potential energy in the gradient north of the Felber­tauern tunnel to be used for the first time to recover energy in an environ­mentally friendly manner. The energy is recovered by means of a Francis turbine with a directly coupled synchronous generator. The electricity produced is fed into the grid.

The bottleneck capacity of the Taimeralm energy recovery station amounts to 2,500 kW. An annual power generation of approx. 11.5 GWh is achieved. This corre­sponds to around 12 % of the annual energy demand of TAL Austria or the average annual energy demand of 3,000 house­holds. The diffe­rence in altitude between the high point at Felber­tauern and the station is 237 metres.

ILF Consulting Engineers has been a partner of TAL in this project since 2006 and was respon­sible for the following services: feasi­bility studies (2006 and 2009), conceptual design and site definition, permit appli­cation design, tender design incl. award of contract, site super­vision, support during commis­sioning and management of authority notifications.


ILF at the International Pipeline Conference (IPC) 2018


ILF Consulting Engineers is pleased to announce its parti­ci­pation in the “Inter­na­tional Pipeline Confe­rence (IPC)”, taking place in Calgary from September 24 to September 28, 2018.

We look forward to many inspiring conver­sa­tions with visitors at booth 726, where we will be exhibiting our compe­tences and experience in the field of Midstream, or as part of scheduled meetings (Hyatt Regency, TELUS Confe­rence Center, Calgary, AB, Canada). Let us know how we can help you tackle your challenges (;!

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ILF as Session Sponsor for Gastech 2018 in Barcelona


ILF Consulting Engineers announces its parti­ci­pation in the Gastech 2018 Confe­rence held in Barcelona from September 17 to September 20 as a Session Sponsor. Dr. Stefan Buerkle and Mr. Bernhard Puerzer will represent ILF and host the session ‘Small Scale LNG / LNG Powered Vehicles’.

We will be most happy to meet you at Gastech to receive your questions and help you tackle your challenges. To arrange a meeting upfront, contact us at

For further infor­mation, please visit the official Gastech website:


ILF Switzerland in its own digital guise


As of now, ILF Switz­erland is presenting itself on its own website. The new page is integrated into the main page, but differs in local contacts, job offers and references and links to an adapted company and service description.

ILF Switz­erland is looking forward to your visit to ““. Alter­na­tively, you can also open the page by clicking on Country Sites at

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