ILF embarks on new technologies to combat climate change


On November 30, 2017, Jens Kottsieper and Michel Kneller will be presenting a white paper on decentralized hydrogen production from renewable energy for the transport sector at the ÖGEW/DGMK Autumn Conference in Vienna, Austria.

In order to meet the climate objectives of the 2015 Paris Agreement to further reduce CO2 emissions, it will be necessary to increase the renewable energy share in the global energy mix. One potential solution would be to convert surplus renewable energy to hydrogen through a process of electrolysis, store it and make it available to the transport sector. Mr. Kottsieper and Mr. Kneller will also present key findings and lessons learned from the Demo4Grid project that is currently being implemented in Innsbruck, Austria.

You can have a look on the white paper here:

Brenner Railway Axis Extension: ILF continuing on track


The Schaftenau–Radfeld Junction in the Lower Inn Valley (Austria) forms part of the northern feeder line to the Brenner Base Tunnel. The upgrade of this section is part of four-tracking the line in the Lower Inn Valley.

With this project, the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) intend to increase the line capacity and eliminate bottlenecks for the Brenner Base Tunnel to achieve full efficiency. In addition, the project will bring traffic relief for the Lower Inn Valley and reduce travel time, as design speeds of 230 km/h will be possible.

The line will have a total length of approx. 20.5 km including 11.7 km in mined and cut-and cover tunnels and 5.6 km in open-track sections. Furthermore, the project will include the construction of four trough structures with a length of 3.2 km.

ILF Consulting Engineers will be responsible for preparing the design documents for the preliminary authorization of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) pending legal permission for the mined tunnel near Angath. Together with partners, ILF will also be in charge of the cut-and-cover tunnels and trough structures.

ILF at the Hydro 2017 in Seville


ILF Consulting Engineers will be present at the HYDRO 2017 in Seville, Spain, from 9 to 11 October 2017.

Reinhard Fritzer and Eva Manninger will be giving a lecture about the “Atdorf pumped-storage plant: Three weeks of public discussion and a milestone in the permit application procedure” at session 12d “Pumped storage: Potential, plans and case studies”.

Furthermore, Serafino Weissenbach will report on “Hydraulic design: Alto Maipo hydropower project” at session 4 “Civil engineering: Design”.

The speakers will be happy to receive questions or get feedback. Let us know how we can help you tackle your challenges (, or!

For further information please go to the website


Arlberg Tunnel Reopened to Traffic


After a construction period of three years the Arlberg Tunnel on the S16 Arlberg Road (Austria) was officially reopened to traffic.

Having a length of approx. 15.5 km, the longest road tunnel in Austria was equipped with 37 additional escape routes and another eight emergency lay-bys. In total ASFINAG invested EUR 154 million in the safety upgrade of the tunnel, and has applied state-of-the-art technologies (high-pressure water mist system, thermal scanner at both portals, AKUT system, etc.) in the tunnel.

ILF Consulting Engineers was entrusted with the project management and the supervision of the electromechanical installations and control systems.


ILF to provide design services for Nordbahn Wien


In July 2017 ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG commissioned ILF Consulting Engineers, together with partners, to provide permit application and EIA design services for the railway project Nordbahn Wien Süßenbrunn–Bernhardsthal in Austria.

With a length of approx. 66 km and two tracks the project forms part of the “Pontebbana Axis” that is classified as an “interoperable high-speed railway line” in the ÖBB network.
By increasing train speeds to 160 km/h it shall become possible to travel from Vienna to Prague in three hours and 45 minutes. Furthermore, non-stop travel time of trains between Vienna and Břeclav shall be reduced to 60 minutes.


ILF awarded contract for Großinzersdorf Wind Park


ILF Consulting Engineers was commissioned by WindLandKraft GmbH to carry out the project management and design services for the Großinzersdorf Wind Park in Lower Austria (Austria).

The required services encompass the project and construction management up to the completion of the overall wind farm (incl. construction management of plant assembly), construction design and preparation of tender documents/award of works for access roads to wind farm, construction site and wind farm cabling.


ILF at the International Conference SUS in Irsee


ILF Consulting Engineers participated actively in this yearai??i??s international conference ai???ai???Shotcrete for Underground Support XIIIai??i??ai??? in Irsee, Germany, from September 3rd to 6th 2017. The conference is an excellent forum for new developments in rock engineering, tunneling, underground space and deep excavation.

ILFai??i??s Dr. Matthias Beisler, co-chair of this event, talked about ai???Multi layered shotcrete design for tunnel constructionai???, which attracted a lot of interest from the attending international experts.

In the course of this event the location for the next conference in this series was announced. SUS XIV in 2019 will be organized in Bangkok (Thailand) under the auspices of ILF and chaired by Dr. Matthias Beisler.

Legend f.l.t.r.: Prof. H. Klapperich (TU Freiberg), A. Spiegl (ILF), Dr. M. Beisler (ILF-Thailand), Prof. D. MAi??hner (FH MA?nster), P.Ngamsantikul (Thailand Underground & Tunneling Group), Dr. Guojun Li (Singapore Metro Consultant), Dr. J. Fu (Central South University, China)


Breakthrough of Stein and Lind Tunnels on the Koralm Railway Line


On 28.07.2017 the top heading breakthrough of the 2.1-km-long Stein Tunnel was celebrated after 12 months of construction. The Stein railway tunnel forms part of the St. Kanzian string of tunnels on the Carinthian side of the new Koralm railway line, which connects the cities of Graz and Klagenfurt (Austria). The breakthrough of the bench is scheduled to take place by the end of August.
The 0.5-km-long Lind Tunnel of the St. Kanzian string of tunnels had already been completed on 21.02.2017 after 8 months of excavation. The waterproof permanent linings, consisting of reinforced concrete, will be installed in the near future. Track construction will not go underway before the structural works for the St. Kanzian string of tunnels will be completed at the end of 2019. The section between Althofen on the Drava River and St. Kanzian is due to go into operation by 2022.

After completing the conceptual design, permit application design, and tender design services, ILF Consulting Engineers have been awarded a contract by the Austrian Federal Railway ÖBB in mid 2015, entrusting them with the construction design and on-site geotechnical monitoring services.

A video of the breakthrough can be found here:

Image source: Land Kärnten, Fotographer: LPD/Just


ILF at the Myanmar Green Energy Summit 2017


ILF Consulting Engineers participated actively in this year’s “Green Energy Summit” in Yangon (Myanmar) from 14th to 15th August 2017.  The summit is excellently designed to provide a platform for international energy industry players and potential investors for updates on the market potential and development plan of green energy sector in Myanmar.

ILF’s experts presented our expertise in Renewables, including Photovoltaics, Biomass, Waste-to-Energy, Hydropower, Thermal Energy and Oil&Gas. Moreover, Frank Zimmermann had a talk about “Optimized Hybridization and Storage of Mini-Grids using Renewable Energy Sources”.

For further information about the Green Energy Summit, please visit the website:

Zimmermann Presentation Hybrid Solar2Mr. Zimmermann while holding his talk about “Optimized Hybridization and Storage of Mini-Grids using Renewable Energy Sources”.


ILF acts as jury member for the start-up contest “DBS”


Together with nine other corporate partners, ILF Consulting Engineers and IGLZ (IF Lebenszyklus Bau) have joined forces to develop and implement the start-up contest “Digital Building Solutions” (DBS) and an event for the construction and real estate industry.

DSB is a “scouted” contest where relevant startups from the German speaking countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland present their innovation ideas on design, construction, operation and financing. The corporate partners have now assessed all ideas and cast their votes. The top-ranked startups selected for the final pitch will be meeting up at the award ceremony on 12 Sept 2017. The best startups from each subject area will be awarded a prize. ILF is a corporate partner and jury member.

More detailed information is available at:


ILF at EXPO 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan


This year Astana hosts the international exposition – EXPO 2017. The theme of the EXPO is Future Energy. The objective is to spark a global debate between countries, non-governmental organisations, companies and the general public on the crucial question: ”how do we ensure safe and sustainable access to energy for all, while reducing CO2 emissions?”

Earlier this month ILF Consulting Engineers actively participated in two events, one of which was the “Kazakhstani-Austrian Sustainable Technology Day” and the other was the “50 Years of ILF” celebration held in the Austrian pavilion of the EXPO. During the Technology Day, ILF’s experts on Hydropower Engineering (John Thene, ILF Austria) and Smart Cities (Enrico Casaretti, ILF Abu Dhabi) presented their thoughts on the current situation in the renewable energy sector and shared insights on future developments. During the sessions government representatives, investors, engineers, and equipment suppliers from Kazakhstan and Austria had the opportunity to share knowledge and experience, make new connections, and meet new colleagues in a B2B format.

Legend: Speaker J. Thene (ILF)

ILF @ EXPO 2017

Construction of Mestiachala 1 & 2 hydropower plants


Since June 2017 construction is under way for the 20 MW Mestiachala 1 and the 30 MW Mestiachala 2 hydropower plants in Georgia. Both plants are planned to be located on Mestiachala River in Georgia’s Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region. The investment costs will be some USD 65 million.

The hydropower plants are being developed by the joint venture “Georgian Renewable Power” (GRPC).

ILF Consulting Engineers is in charge of construction supervision for both hydropower plants.


ILF engaged in highway project from Tbilisi to Lagodekhi, Georgia


The Roads Department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia awarded the contract for the Preparation of Feasibility Study for Upgrading of Tbilisi–Bakurtsikhe, Tsnori–Lagodekhi Road and Detailed Design for the Upgrading of Tbilisi–Sagarejo and Sagarejo–Bakurtsikhe Road to a Joint Venture with ILF Consulting Engineers.

The relevant road sections from Tbilisi–Bakurtsikhe (approx. length 80 km) and Tsnori–Lagodekhi (approx. length 40 km) start in the eastern part of Tbilisi and end near Lagodekhi district at the border to Azerbaijan.

The service includes topographic, hydrological and geotechnical surveying, preparation of an DEM, traffic survey and traffic forecast for the entire project area, determination of economic costs, road design for the alignment to a detailed degree, and economic evaluation of the alignment. The detailed design of the road will be executed in the second phase.

SuedLink 2.0 project recognized with awards


Last year, the transmission system operators TenneT TSO GmbH and TransnetBW GmbH awarded ILF Consulting Engineers and its partners with a contract for the permit application design of the north-south power lines across Germany that are to laid underground. At present, SuedLink is the largest infrastructure project in Germany and is scheduled to enter into operation in 2025. As the competent approval authority, the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) currently holds a number of scoping conferences.

The communication and participation process entails intensive dialogue with the general public. The project team consisting of clients and ILF with partners won the “SABRE Award” (London) in the “Community Relations” category and the “European Excellence Award in Public Affairs” (Brussels).

What is more, the online participation tool (Web-GIS) set up and managed by ILF won the “German Award for Online Communication” in the “Public Affairs” category.


ILF is awarded a contract for Phase 2.2 of the NOxER 2 project


On account of the age of the existing gas turbines and in response to the newly adopted Emission Control Act (EG-K 2013) Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH (TAG) decided to replace the respective compressor units step by step. The NOxER 2 project comprises the Baumgarten, Eggendorf, Grafendorf and Ruden compressor stations.

ILF Consulting Engineers Austria GmbH was already involved in the design during previous project phases. As a result of the long and good working relationship in the past, ILF has now been awarded a contract as a subcontractor of Saipem for the execution phase. ILF will render design services for procurement support and detailed design (civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and automation engineering) and construction supervision services for the Baumgarten, Eggendorf, Grafendorf, and Ruden compressor stations. For the Ruden station the services furthermore include basic engineering and authority engineering.

The ILF image film: eagerly awaited for, and now available


Now that most of you have seen the film for the first time on the occasion of the various celebrations marking ILFai??i??s 50th anniversary, we are pleased to inform you that it is now available for download from the following link.


Breakthrough at Belchen Rehabilitation Tunnel


On June 21, 2017 the TBM breakthrough of the 3.2 km long Belchen rehabilitation tunnel (Switzerland) was celebrated after 16 months of excavation. The rehabilitation tunnel will serve as a third tube in addition to the existing Belchen motorway tunnel on the N2 between the Härkingen motorway junction and the city of Basel.

ILF Consulting Engineers was commissioned to provide the design (tender design to detailed design) and site supervision services for the tunnel.Following the completion of the rehabilitation tunnel, the refurbishment of the existing tunnel tubes is now scheduled to get underway. On June 22, 2017 ILF and its partners were awarded the design contract (conceptual study to permit application design).

Link to a short film on the breakthrough:


ILF at the huge Crankworx Innsbruck Mountain Bike Festival


The huge Crankworx mountain bike festival will take place in and around Innsbruck from June 21 to June 25, 2017. On several spectacular trails, the world’s best riders will battle for the prestigious trophies of what is known as the world’s biggest mountain bike event.

ILF Consulting Engineers was responsible for the permit application design of all bike trails which was successfully approved by the authorities.

You can see the result of ILF’s design services and of course watch the impressive competitions at the Valley Station of the Muttereralmbahn cable car in the village of Mutters. Please find a little teaser by clicking the link below:


Breakthrough of Second Tube of Perjen Tunnel


On 24.05.2017 a final blast marked the event to celebrate the top heading breakthrough of the second tube of the 3-km-long Perjen Tunnel on the S16 Arlberg Expressway between Landeck and Zams (Austria). Only three weeks later, the breakthrough of the bench occurred on 14.06.2017.

As soon as the new second tube of the Perjen Tunnel will be completed in 2018, traffic will be transferred from the existing tube to the new tube. Starting in 2019, the existing tunnel will be closed for rehabilitation after 33 years in service and will be opened to traffic again at the end of the same year.

After rendering the overall design for the first tube, ILF has been awarded a contract by ASFINAG in February 2016, entrusting ILF with carrying out the geological documentation of the second tube.


Water supply & wastewater in Kirgizstan


ILF Consulting Engineers (together with partners) will be responsible for repairing and expanding water supply and wastewater disposal infrastructure in Kara-Suu and Kyzyl-Kiya on behalf of the respective city administrations. On the one hand, the project is aimed at increasing the quality of life of the people living in the two Kirgiz cities and, on the other hand, at strengthening the cities’ water supply and wastewater disposal companies.

The contracts are financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and include design services, preparation of tender documents, support during procurement procedures, management of contracts incl. site supervision and institutional strengthening.

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