Milestone reached in Filder tunnel, Stuttgart 21


The tunnel boring machine driving the 9.5 km long Filder tunnel as part of the Stuttgart 21 project has success­fully completed its first drive. ILF Consulting Engineers is respon­sible for the site super­vision of this railway tunnel project.

ILF at Hydro Asia 2016 in Vientiane


ILF Consulting Engineers will be repre­sented at the Sixth Inter­na­tional Confe­rence on Water Resources and Hydro­power Develo­pment in Asia in Vientiane, Laos from 1 to 3 March 2016.
We look forward to welcoming you to our stand (085). For further infor­mation please go to the website

ILF at Hydro Asia 2016 in Vientiane

Launch of largest TBM in Switzerland


The official TBM launch ceremony took place in February 2016 and marked the start of the construction of the 3.2 km long Belchen rehabi­li­tation tunnel. ILF Consulting Engineers has been entrusted with the construction super­vision of the tunnel and, together with partners, also with its design.

With a diameter of 14 m, a length of 75 m and a weight of 2,000 tons, the TBM is currently the largest of its kind in Switz­erland. In the next one and half years, the TBM will advance through geolo­gi­cally demanding zones of the Swiss Jura mountain range and will be driven through the mountain at distance of 40–116 m to the existing tunnel system and parallel to it. Subse­quently the final lining is also to be constructed.
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At the end of the construction works in 2022 the two existing tubes of the Belchen tunnel dating from the 1970s are to be rehabi­li­tated as well.

Konrad Blank, Dr. Michael Hertweck, Dr. Martin Herrenknecht, Sebastian Böheim, Olivier Balmer (Marti Managing Director TUAG) and Dr. Markus Schwalt

ILF Consulting Engineers collects Green Points by travelling by rail


To further raise peopleai??i??s awareness of how they can help the environment by switching to travelling by rail, the Austrian Federal Railways (Ai??BB) have recently initiated the environ­mental programme Ai??STERREICH BLA?HT AUF (AUSTRIA IS BLOSSOMING). In the framework of this initiative, for every kilometer travelled by rail the Ai??BB offers ai???Green Pointsai??? that can be collected and used to promote specific environ­mental projects.

By travelling by rail when on business trips ILF has saved more than 15.25 tonnes in CO2 emissions in one year and was able to support the project ai???Paradies fA?r Amphibien (Paradise for amphibians)ai??? with the 97,734 Green Points that ILF employees collected from the Ai??BB.

As the sustainable protection of the environment is of utmost impor­tance for our company both with regard to the struc­tures and facilities designed by ILF and with regard to our daily project work, we appre­ciate this initiative and see it as a motivation to further increase our efforts in this respect.

ILF Consulting Engineers collects Green Points by travelling by rail

ILF to attend the ai???4th ‑Annual Advanced Hydropower Generation and Pumped Storage Forumai??? in Berlin


ILF Consulting Engineers will parti­cipate in the ai???4th Annual Advanced Hydro­power Generation and Pumped Storage Forumai??? to be held in Berlin, Germany, from 27 to 28 January 2016. The topic of the inter­na­tio­nally recognized hydro­power confe­rence is ai???Exploit the Full Potential of Hydro­power through Under­standing its Role in the New Energy Worldai???. .

ILF will be repre­sented by Dr. Ralph BergmA?ller, who will give a presen­tation on ai???Optimized Permitting Proce­dures for Pumped Storage Plantsai??? (28 January, at 9:10 a.m.).

We look forward to lively discus­sions. For further infor­mation please go to the website

ILF to attend the “4th -Annual Advanced Hydropower Generation and Pumped Storage Forum” in Berlin

ILF is awarded a contract for an additional gas turbine compressor unit in the Scharenstetten compressor station


At the end of 2015 ILF Consulting Engineers was commis­sioned by terranets bw Gmbh to provide construction design, construction super­vision and start-up services for an additional gas turbine compressor unit in the Scharen­stetten compressor station.

In the framework of the gas network develo­pment plan, the Baden-WA?rttemberg trans­mission system operator terranets bw GmbH will expand the station in existence since 1988 by adding a fourth compressor to the three machine units currently in operation. The works include, in addition to the erection of machine unit 4, a Solar Taurus 60Ai?? (approx. 350,000 mA?/h), the construction of a new compressor building and an electrical building. Besides various tie-ins to the station piping, the facility will also be equipped with a ground flare system, two new gas coolers and auxili­aries. Start-up is scheduled for Q1/2017.

Season’s greetings and best wishes for 2016


With the year 2015 rapidly drawing to a close, we feel a deep sense of gratitude. We therefore convey our thanks to our esteemed clients and business partners.

We wish you a relaxing and peaceful holiday season and all the best for 2016. May the New Year bring you health, happiness and prosperity.

TECON to study energy alternatives for generation of EOR Steam Flooding


TECON Engineering (a company of the ILF-Group) has been awarded a contract for the ai???Study for Energy Alter­na­tives for Steam Generation for EOR purpo­sesai??? by Mansarovar Energy, a Colombian O&G operator which is a JV between SINOPEC and ONGC Videsh.

Mansarovar operates the NARE Block in Middle Magdalena region, with a total production of 40 kbpd of heavy oil. For this operation Mansarovar injects steam in the oil reser­voirs- The steam is produced by several steam generators distri­buted throughout the whole block, and the fuel supply for these generators requires an in-depth imple­men­tation study. TECON will develop a compre­hensive study for all the indus­trial energy sources available in Colombia, including CST (Concen­trated Solar Thermal) which can provide suitable energy supply for the steam generators. In addition, using a renewable source of energy for EOR production is an unpar­al­leled pioneering technology to date.

ILF appointed to provide design services for alignment selection for northern approach route to Brenner base tunnel


In November 2015, ILF Consulting Engineers (togehter with SchA?AYler-Plan Ingenieur­ge­sell­schaft mbH and Baader Konzept GmbH) with was assigned by Ai??BB Infra­struktur and DB Netz AG with developing a recom­men­dation for a cross-border alignment, finding the optimum solution for a third and fourth track (new railway line) for the approach route to the Brenner base tunnel.

In the southern section of the northern approach route, the design area includes the future route from ai???Schaftenauai??? junction in the Tyrol to the new ai???Deutsches Inntalai??? junction, south of Rosenheim. North and east of the new ai???Deutsches Inntalai??? junction, potential connec­tions with the existing railway network of DB AG heading to Munich, MA?hldorf and Salzburg are to be investigated.

ILF appointed for largest PV solar project in the MENA region


In November 2015 ILF Consulting Engineers has been awarded the ownerai??i??s engineer contract (OE) for the 200 MW photo­voltaic (PV) power plant Shuaa 1 which will be phase 2 of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum solar park. The power purchase agreement (PPA) for the project between Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) and a consortium led by ACWA Power was already signed in March.
With the recent contract award by the project company Shuaa Energy ILF continues its successful invol­vement as a leading engineering consultant for solar power and desert environ­ments.  Already during phase 1 of the develo­pment of Dubaiai??i??s solar program ILF has provided the OE services for  DEWAai??i??s 13 MW PV pilot project.

ILF to supervise Metro Quito Line 1 in Ecuador


In November 2015 ILF Consulting Engineers, together with partners, was commis­sioned to supervise the construction of the Metro Quito Line 1 phase 2 project by Empresa PA?blica Metro­po­litana Metro de Quito (EPMMQ).
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The line is 22 km long, includes 13 stations and 13 venti­lation shafts. It will be the first metro line in the country and be built under­ground. ILF with its partners will supervise the construction of the civil works as well as the instal­lation of the E&M equipment during the 36 months of construction and another 6 months of testing.

ILF to engineer the Qairokkum Hydro Power Rehabilitation Project in Tajikistan


In October 2015, ILF Consulting Engineers have signed a contract with Barqi Tojik to act as the Consultant for the Project Imple­men­tation Unit  for the Qairokkum Hydro Power Rehabi­li­tation Project in Tajikistan.

The Qairokkum Hydro­power Plant is located on the Syr-Darya River in northern Tajikistan and was commis­sioned in 1959. It has six generating units (Kaplan turbines) with a total installed capacity of 126 MW and an average annual energy generation of 700 GWh. Barqi Tojik with funding support from the European Bank for Recon­struction and Develo­pment (EBRD) will rehabi­litate the plant (new E&M equipment, civil struc­tures, etc.) to increase dam safety and resilience to climate change and improve the quality and quantity of electricity supply. The capacity of the plant will be increased to 174 MW.

ILFai??i??s mandate includes support during the tender phase and award process as well as during the imple­men­tation and commis­sioning of the plant.

Over 1,200 km of new gas pipelines in Poland


For the last 6 years, ILF Consulting Engineers has been involved in an investment program of GAZ-SYSTEM S.A., which was finished in October 2015. The ambition of GAZ-SYSTEM was the construction of more than 1,200 km of new gas pipelines in Poland.
ILF provided design and super­vision services for the following four key high-pressure gas pipelines: Szczecin ai??i?? GdaAi??sk (201 km, 28ai??i??ai??i??), Szczecin ai??i?? LwA?wek (189 km, 28ai??i??ai??i??), Rembel­szc­zyzna ai??i?? Gustorzyn (176 km, 28ai??i??ai??i??) and LasA?w ai??i?? JeleniA?w (18 km, 28ai??i??ai??i??).

In addition to the new gas pipelines, GAZ-SYSTEM has also built two compressor stations and 41 gas stations, which provides new oppor­tu­nities for developing the domestic gas network, enables its libera­liz­ation and increases Polandai??i??s energy security.

ILF at ai???HYDRO 2015ai??? in Bordeaux


ILF Consulting Engineers will be repre­sented at the ai???HYDRO 2015 Advancing Policy and Practice Inter­na­tional Confe­rence and Exhibi­tionai??? in Bordeaux, France, from 26 to 28 October 2015. Attracting more than 1,000 parti­ci­pants from 70 countries, HYDRO is one the biggest hydro­power events.

ILF will give the following presentations:

  • Niagara tunnel project: hydraulic aspects ai??i?? Dr. Kamal Gautam (Session 3: Tunnels and under­ground works)
  • Estimation of soil charac­te­ristics for design of large earthfill dams: challenges and solutions at an early design stage: case study of the Atdorf pumped storage plant ai??i?? Frank Remmert (Session 12: Civil design and construction)

We are looking forward to hearing from you and to discuss your questions.
Please feel free to contact Mr Thomas Fritz For further infor­mation please go to the website

ILF at “HYDRO 2015” in Bordeaux

ILF at the Kurdistan-Iraq Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibition


ILF Consulting Engineers will parti­cipate in Kurdistan-Iraq Oil & Gas Confe­rence with presen­tation and its own stand.

We are very pleased to welcome you at our booth no. D10 in ai???The Lancaster Hotelai???, London/UK from 30th November to 2nd December 2015.
For further infor­mation please visit the website .

ILF is awarded a contract for the design of the operation and safety equipment for the Hirschhagen tunnel, Germany


The A 44 motorway, a few sections of which are still to be completed, links the German-Belgian border with the city of Kassel. The design works for the extension to Herle­shausen are currently underway. Hessen Mobil StraAYen- und Verkehrs­ma­nagement is respon­sible for the design and construction of the A 44 motorway extension. ILF Consulting Engineers have recently been entrusted with the design of the operation and safety equipment for the Hirsch­hagen twin-tube road tunnel which forms part of the A 44 and is currently under construction.

The tunnel with a length of 4.2 km will comprise 15 cross passages and 7 lay-bys.The tubes will be venti­lated via a longi­tu­dinal venti­lation system in combi­nation with a single-point extraction in the middle of the tunnel. The extraction will be realised via a shaft with a depth of 80 m and a diameter of 7 m. Opera­tions buildings will be provided at both tunnel portals and at the venti­lation shaft. order zoloft, purchase dapoxetine.

Site supervision for Oberau tunnel in Germany


Together with its partners, ILF Consulting Engineers was commis­sioned by Autobahn­di­rektion SA?dbayern (motorway authority of Southern Bavaria) to carry out the site super­vision of the new construction of the B2 federal road on the Oberau Nord section to Ronetsbach including the Oberau tunnel.

The approx. 2.9 km long Oberau tunnel comprises the key element of the 4‑lane expansion of the federal road and of the Oberau bypass. Due to the high traffic volume the tunnel is constructed as a two-bore traffic tunnel, each bore having 2 lanes in one direction, incl. lay-bys; the tunnel runs approx. 83 % in hard rock and approx. 17% in loose rock.

Site supervision for Oberau tunnel in Germany

ILF to engineer the Muzizi HPP in Uganda


ILF Consulting Engineers has been awarded the design and consul­tancy services for the Muzizi Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) by the Uganda Electricity Generation Company Ltd. (UEGCL) in August 2015.

The Muzizi HPP will be situated on the Muzizi River in Western Uganda, southeast of Lake Albert and is to be designed as a run-of-river power plant with peaking capabi­lities (capacity: 44 MW, head: 450 m, discharge: 12 mA?/s). The project will be financed by the German Kredit­an­stalt fA?r Wieder­aufbau (KfW) and French Agency for Develo­pment (AFD). ILF will start in phase A with a review of the existing feasi­bility study and optimi­sation of the design. In a next step, tender design and tender documents will be prepared, and the EPC tender procedure will be supported. In phase B, ILF will act as an imple­men­tation engineer and will supervise the construction works.

Please feel also free to visit:

ILF to engineer the Muzizi HPP in Uganda

ILF works on the longest railway tunnel in Georgia


The 63 km long Zestafoniai??i??Molitiai??i??Khashuri section (ai???Gorgesai??? section) is part of the main Georgian railway line across a mountainous alignment, having a gradient with very steep slopes and tight curves. This alignment imposes very low speeds and leads to various operation problems. For this reason the Georgian Railway LLC is moder­nizing the section with the target to increase capacity, reduce travel time and improve safety as well as railway operation.

ILF has been working as ownerai??i??s engineer for this project for many years and has recently been awarded additional services, including the tunnel safety concept, the tunnel venti­lation system and the electro-mecha­nical concept design for the T9 tunnel. With a length of 8.3 km the T9 tunnel will soon be the longest rail tunnel in Georgia and is an essential element of the above mentioned railway section. The tunnel will consist of two parallel tubes connected with cross passages at intervals of 300 m. In addition to that, ILF has been awarded a contract to prepare a new tender design for the 15 km section Kharagauli — Moliti. The project is planned to be completed and put into operation late 2019.
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ILF-Tecon Norway signs frame agreement with Technology Centre Mongstad


Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) is the worldai??i??s largest facility for testing and improving CO2 capture technology. Knowledge gained here will prepare the ground for CO2 capture initia­tives to combat climate change.
TCM is a joint venture between the Norwegian state, Statoil, Shell and Sasol.
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ILF-Tecon Norway will supply Process Engineering Services for TCM under the signed 2 years frame agreement.
The process engineering department of ILF-Tecon consists of highly competent engineers with years of experience within various techno­logies spanning from upstream to downstream  in the Oil and Gas industry.

More infor­mation regarding TCM can be found here:

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