Crude oil export pipeline in East Africa


ILF Consulting Engineers was commis­sioned by the Toyota Tsusho Coope­ration to prepare a feasi­bility study and the preli­minary design for a crude oil pipeline. The project comprises a pipeline system covering 1,500 km and pipeline diameters of 24ai??? and 30ai???, and it shall connect the oil fields near Hoima, Uganda and Lokichar, Kenya with the port of export in Lamu. The pipeline shall transport waxy crude oil with an unusually high wax appearance tempe­rature of 60 Ai??C. That is why full-system heating over the entire pipe length is required. Special challenges are the complex crossings of the Nile River and the Rift Valley.

Expansion of Wolfurt Terminal


ILF Consulting Engineers was commis­sioned by Ai??BB-Infrstruktur AG to provide site super­vision and contract management for the remodelling and expansion of the freight terminal for inter­modal freight and conven­tional wagonload freight at Wolfurt railway station. The services to be carried out will comprise works in construction engineering, water and environ­mental engineering, special foundation engineering, struc­tural engineering, track, signalling, telecom­mu­ni­cation and power supply as well as work carried out without inter­rupting railway traffic.

Tyrolean Timber Structure Award 2015


The 5th Tyrolean Timber Structure Award was presented on 29 Jan 2015. 179 extra­or­dinary and exemplary projects were submitted. ILF Consulting Engineers received a commen­dation in the category ai???Commercial Buildingai??? for the project ai???Construction of New Cerazitit Hall in Reutte, Tyrolai???. ILF was respon­sible for the design of the building and the site supervision.

ILF wins contract for Dhofar 50 MW Wind Power Plant


Masdar and the Rural Areas Electricity Company (RAECO) are looking to develop an onshore 50 MW Wind Power Plant and 132 kV Overhead Trans­mission Line in Harweel, Dhofar Governate, Sultanate of Oman.
A maximum of 25 turbines will be installed at the proposed site, providing up to 50 MW of power generation. The project will reduce Sultanate of Oman depen­dence on fossil fuels for electricity generation and is the first of its kind in the country.
ILF Consulting Engineers was awarded a contract to perform consulting and engineering services (permitting phase) for this project

ILF wins contract for optimisation of the Austrian section of the Brenner Base Tunnel


ILF Consulting Engineers was commis­sioned by Brenner Basis­tunnel BBT SE (BBT) to develop different optimi­sation measures for the Austrian section of the Brenner Base Tunnel (approx. 30 km). The services encompass optimi­sation measures with regard to logistics, confi­gu­ration of struc­tures and M&E systems, design of above- and under­ground auxiliary struc­tures incl. mecha­nical equipment as well struc­tural analyses for under­ground struc­tures, pits, retaining struc­tures and buildings. The project also includes assisting the client with the M&E design.
ILF has been working success­fully on the Brenner Base Tunnel for many years; with an overall length of about 60 km it is one of the longest railway tunnels in the world.

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